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New Proxy List

Proxy Site Hits Age
2400 4 years
2190 4 years
2471 5 years
2636 5 years
2854 5 years
2610 5 years
2576 5 years
2691 5 years
2562 5 years
2621 5 years
2714 5 years
3027 5 years
3217 5 years
2935 5 years
2809 6 years
2754 6 years
2857 6 years
2768 6 years
2744 6 years
2752 6 years
2784 6 years
2775 6 years
2974 6 years
2932 6 years
3002 6 years

What exactly are these free proxy sites? If you stay at a college campus or even talk to people who have, I'm sure you've heard of them. Many times you will find that they block many websites. Finding yourself on the internet for hours every day and not being able to access your favorite websites is a huge pain. Many people these days love the phenomenon of playing online casual games! Many times you will find these sites are blocked as well, and who doesn't need 10 minutes of relaxing time throughout the day?

These days privacy on the internet along with security are huge priorities. Proxies help you with both. A web based proxy site is a website that you can browse to in your web browser and use to go to other websites. For example, you can choose a free proxy from the list above, and type in in the address bar. You are now accessing Google as if you are the proxy site!

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